Wedding Trend Forecast – 2019

Predicted 2019 Wedding Trend Forecast by Industry Leaders… and my top picks!

As a planner, I am always looking for inspiration and of course typing in “wedding trends 2019” on Google is a popular search for most wedding professionals, if not only to make your own assumptions on what others believe the trends will be. So, this week that is exactly what I did. Below I have chosen a trend from each of the five posts (take a look at my Facebook page to read the rest!) that I believe will be seen in weddings all over the UK this year.


Brides Magazine – Eco-Conscious and Ethical Weddings

A broad topic that is not only growing in the wedding industry but is a way of life for many people who are implementing how to be more environmentally friendly in every aspect of their life. To have a sustainable wedding does not mean compromising on important aspects of your day. Many wedding suppliers in the industry are now striving to use more natural, reusable or recycled products to reduce their carbon footprint.

For example; you can source organic wedding cakes, caterers that use local or vegan produce, vintage prop hire or florists that use UK grown flowers to name a few. There are so many ways to tweak your wedding so that it is kinder to the environment and let’s face it, we all love the feeling of giving back, even when it is your wedding day!


One Fab Day – Women Making Speeches

As we have just had International Women’s Day, this could not have not been missed off my list. The amount of posts that were shared of empowering, inspirational women was overwhelming and it is only a matter of time until the tradition of only men making speeches at weddings may not be so traditional anymore. Whether you are the bride, bridesmaid, mother or just have loving words you wish to share, it’s girl power all the way!


Hitched.UK – Boho Themed Outdoor Escapes

This is an obvious one, but non the less, one that is STILL growing in popularity! With attempts to change the law in the future to making outdoor ceremonies official in England, this will create a huge impact in the wedding ceremony scene. Celebrants are becoming more popular as they can facilitate the couples desire of having an outdoor, alternative, religious/non-religious ceremony, yet the “legal bit” still need to be completed at a registry office. To many, this is a vital factor of their day and one that cannot be compromised on, so enabling a legally binding ceremony in a wider range of destinations can only increase this trends popularity!


Grazia – Experiential Entertainment

I’ve taken a risk here… With alternative weddings on the rise, I believe entertainment such as tarot card readers / performance artists / silent discos areas, will be big in the industry for 2019. Why not offer your guests that “goose-bump” moment to make your day unforgettable? This doesn’t require a big budget, there are plenty of local amateur performance artists who will be breaking into the performance industry with something unusual and unique.


Wedding Ideas Mag – Movie Soundtracks for Your Wedding

This blog I have to say was not ground-breaking, all points I have already seen before. So, this is a fun one I thought you might like! With the rise of 90’s fashion, vintage kilo sales and Netflix movies seeming to home in on the era, I believe that retro movie soundtracks will be making more of an appearance than in recent years. For example, my best friend walked down the aisle to an instrumental version of Jurassic Park! So cool…


Well that’s it folks, my predictions of what will be hot in 2019 🙂 Catch me next year when I will be reviewing these trends and seeing if any others snuck in as popular choices!

Thanks for reading and see you next time,


Jess x

Photography Credit – Samantha Hook Photography

Amazing Bride & Groom Credit – Emily & Michael