My Best Friend’s Wedding

 – Jurassic Park, Flash Mobbing & Pyjamas

On 24th November 2018 by best friend married her soulmate Tom at the beautiful Stubton Hall, Nottinghamshire. To say I was excited was an understatement. Yes, I have coordinated many weddings, but being a bridesmaid at one? NEVER (actually that is untrue, I was a bridesmaid when I was three years old and I cried down the aisle!).

Tom and Hayley met through the popular dating app site Tinder, where many of my friends have met their long-term boyfriend (there are actually success stories, I know!). After two years of fun, laughter, taking romantic trips away to Europe and countryside retreats, Tom finally decided to pop the question under a beautiful canopy in the grounds of Colwick Hall.

Sounding like a fairytale engagement? Of course! Are they the fairytale couple? ABSO- FRICKIN-LUTELY. They are literally MADE for each other. The reason why? They accept each other for who they truly are. I have never seen Hayley be as much as herself than she is now, since she has been with Tom. He giggles at her awkward moments and lovingly rolls his eyes at her inappropriate stories, but the key is that she knows she can share them with him, no secrets, just fun and laughter and isn’t that what we all must strive for in a relationship?

November came around so quickly and out of all of my years’ experience I have honestly never met such a chilled-out bride! Hayley didn’t mind what nail varnish we wore, how we had our hair, as long as we were comfortable and that was the feeling for the whole day. Everyone should be relaxed and having a great time!

Hayley walked down the aisle to the Jurassic Park theme tune (noted in my last blog post!), it was beautiful and soooo them… Hayley was worried about the song choice and what people would think but I am so pleased I managed to persuade her to stick with what she wanted. She is now “1000% happy with my song choice and I will never forget it. It was so personal; I loved and enjoyed the whole thing”.

After posing for a few photos (not too many so we could enjoy the canapes!) we made our way to the Orangery for the wedding breakfast. If you are planning on surprising your bride as a bridesmaid, may I introduce to you, flash mobbing! We are lucky enough to have a professional dancer in our friendship group so one afternoon we hired a dance studio and decided to rehearse a dance to a medley of Hayley’s favourite songs. On the day we snuck this in just before the starters were served (I coordinated with the caterers in advance to hold off on serving the meal until 5 minutes after originally scheduled). The look on the Hayley and Tom’s face as Moulin Rouge started to blast out and we all started to rise from our seats was priceless. We were all super nervous to do the dance, but it was totally worth it as we knew how much she would love it!

The evening reception began at 8pm and in true Hayley style she changed into her Mrs Smullen pyjamas and started of the night in her comfies. I admired that so much. Total confidence, true to herself and independent woman vibes all over! Sometimes wedding

dresses are made for show and not comfort, so there was no compromise on awesome dance moves and room for enjoying the late-night bacon butties for this bride!

Looking back and remembering those special moments. Hayley’s most important part of the day was the ceremony itself and Tom’s was standing up in front of all of his friends and family, everyone there in the same room. Sharing their love with their nearest and dearest.

My best friend’s wedding has truly been one of the best days of my life so far. That feeling is the reason why I love weddings so much and why I want to ensure that every bride and groom feels themselves, feels confident and enjoys their wedding day as much as Hayley and Tom did, including all of their closest friends and family who will also cherish these memories forever.

Thank you for reading and see you next time, Jess x

Florist – Jacaranda
Stylist – Modern Heritage
Food – Henson’s Catering
Dress – Ronald Joyce by Belle & Bouquet Photographer – Mark Pugh